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Does anyone know the origins of Waylon Jennings' famous guitar?

I recently bought a custom leather covered Tele replica with the floral pattens like his and have wondered if it was Waylon's own design and when did he do it. It is the one of most famous and best looking Telecaster I've seen. I'm a long time Waylon fan and have read very little info on his guitar.
Does anyone know the origins of Waylon Jennings' famous guitar?
The only information I have read with regard to his leather guitar is that it was a 53 tele that was so beaten up from wear, that Ritchie Albright, (his drummer) took it and had it covered as a surprise gift for him. He got the idea from stories that Waylon had told about his friend, Buddy Holly having had his covered in leather to look like Elvis. He thought it would be a great idea because he loved his guitar and loved Buddy.. I don't know who did the design or the significance of the rose design but he had two with slightly different configurations in pattern.
Reply:i believe that guitar belonged to buddy holly, his friend.

Font issue for creating own sweatshirt?

I have a sweatshirt that I love dearly and I've basically worn it out. Since it was a custom-made item during a vacation, I am on my own to recreate the sweatshirt. There is also a trademark logo that stores would need special permission to use. I am fine with recreating the sweatshirt on my own but I am having a problem: the font. The problem is not the actual font name but the fact that it was a font that was filled in with a design. The design was a green Hawaiian floral one, and I can not seem to figure out how to recreate that part.

Does anyone know how I could recreate this? What I am really looking for is someplace that would have this design available as a fill-in. So far, I have only found solid color fill ins and not patterns. Any advice would be helpful.
Font issue for creating own sweatshirt?
Take a look at Custom Ink and see if you can design something similar. Perhaps you can pick a font that is open and paste some flowers inside and then fill in with color? Just play with it and see what you can come up with...

Hopefully you can create something that you will love! Best of luck.
Reply:You could put the shirt right down on a scanner and get the design into your computer, then reverse it and do an iron-on transfer for a new shirt. Or print it onto printer fabric and make a tote bag or pillow.

The original shirt can be cut and used as the front of a pillow or a quilt block, or even framed like a picture.

Many photo programs will allow you to do letters with a pattern in them, or transparent letters over a floral pattern, to get that font effect.


I want a tattoo, and looking for something in particular, need help...?

I want a tattoo, here are the following things to be included..

- "Mom" - and something relating to my mom, could be a neat heart or something really cool to represent someone who is my world...

- my two grandmothers names - I would like either a banner type design where I can place their names inside or some way to incorporate their names in the tattoo with "mom" (both grandmothers are deceased)

- I am a girl but do not want any really girly, cute design (such as a big floral scene), I like a neat and individual design..

I dont know what type of answers i can get with this but Just tossing out the question, maybe someone will know of a perfect design or point in the right direction..

This tattoo may go on left abdomen (lower left stomach area) ...

I'll post other details as time goes on if needed :)

I want a tattoo, and looking for something in particular, need help...?
why dont you get a heart with a banner across the middle with the names in it and flowers at the bottom.

check out:
Reply:I kinda like the previous answer but I would go with a dove. Have been toying with this myself. You could even have two doves to represent both grandparents.
Reply:A Sparrow with two banners.
running shoes

Wedding invitations?

Wanted to design and make my own wedding invitations. Was thinking of a vintage theme with a baroque floral patter.

Does anyone know where i can get ideas from?

Or knows of anyone where i can get them made?

I know how to use Adobe illustrator.

Just can't come up with a good idea.
Wedding invitations?
I have given you a link to a site called Paper Direct.


They have a wide variety of paper that you can use to type up your own invitations.

Check out their wedding invitations area it has helpful templates etc.(or just to get IDEAS from).

They were one of the first, (if not the first) companies to give us something other than white paper to print out on.

When I used them years ago I was quite surprised at the quality of the product. You can order some to check out the quality for yourself.

Congratulation!! and Good Luck in Life and Love ;)
Reply:Search through They have tons of illustrator borders. Good luck. Something will inspire you!
Reply:Microsoft office templates online may be able to help you with problem, they often have a range of templates avaliable. If not they can make them to order for microsft word, excel and publisher. This link may be able to help you Good luck I hope this will help.
Reply:cross-stitch ones are better !!! Because i am so making some!!

Wedding promblem?!?

MY theme for my wedding is going to be plae yellow and pale pink. I need lots of cake designs and decorations and floral arrangements to look at...can any of you help?

and maybe some favor ideas...
Wedding promblem?!?
I have a favor idea that many people wouldnt do. Instead of giving a gift to all the people that they will never look at again. You could make a donation to the cancer society or a charity of your choice in your wedding guest names. My cousin did thise at her wedding 2 weeks ago and i thought it was a great idea seeing how this benefits the people with cancer and other problems.
Reply:ooh, very pretty. My wedding is in October so i'm using all of the fall colors. One simple thing that helped me find what i was looking for, go to Yahoo homepage and at the top where it says images, type in wedding cakes or bouquets and it shows you a lot of pics. You can get an idea of what design you like and then just go from there to add your beautiful colors. Good luck and Congrats!!
Reply:go to yahoo image search and type in what you are looking for also try and you can also try these sites for favor ideas

other favor ideas

you could burn Cd's of either pictures of you 2 or your favorite songs.....cookies shaped as wedding cakes or something that represents both of you.....set up a candy bar so your guest can take home some of your favorite candy.

Start with, you can look at things by color. They have flowers, cakes, all sorts of things. Then look at and wedding They also have alot of good ideas and plenty of photos.

As for favor ideas, I would start with, they have lots of favors, decorations, toasting flutes, cake cutters, the whole works. For a cheaper place look at oriental trading. They have lots of favors and plently of ideas. Also has a wide selection of different favors you can get for wedding. I got my round mirrors there for my centerpeices.

Last but not least, if you want to make your own, go to, or, they both have a wedding section and plenty of crafts to make your dream wedding come true.

Good luck!
Reply:I have 2 favors that I'm doing for my daughter's wedding. I'm doing a CD of the music played during the wedding %26amp; reception. I plan to use my daughter's engagement picture on the front. I'm also making flower pens. They are easy to make using floral tape, fake flowers %26amp; pens. If you would like a picture, let me know %26amp; I'll send you one.
Reply:For some favor ideas, visit

They are offering personalized souvenirs/giveaways based on your motif and preferences at a very affordable cost.
  • beauty makeup
  • Where can I find real simple comfortable( rayon type fabric) maternity dresses for last months. Cheap 15-20 $?

    I have seen some ppl wear it, not sure where they get it from. Not looking for complicated designs..simple staright ones with some floral prints that tie on back and look extremely comfortable...
    Where can I find real simple comfortable( rayon type fabric) maternity dresses for last months. Cheap 15-20 $?
    are you from the US?

    Target actually has a few real nice ones %26amp; so does
    Reply:Try the sales section at I got a dress there for $16 (not including shipping and handling), and while it's stretch cotton and not rayon, it's completely comfortable! Just beware of the fabric you're looking for though...I tried one dress on like that and you could see my outtie belly button, lol. It looked like I had a belly button ring on under there.
    Reply:I got one from Goody's. It was in the Junior's section, not maternity, but it's really flowy and comfy. It was $14.

    Rate this tattoo :)?

    i need peoples honest opinion i plan on getting this tattoo, just blue instead of yellow, on my shoulder. can u guys rate it 1-10...just wanna make sure its okay lol i dont wanna get it then decide against it
    Rate this tattoo :)?
    nah it wont really go with the tattoo theme on my body. so when you are pressed against me we will look weird....lmao (joke)...


    i reckon about 7 out of 10, t looks very sweet, feminine, the yellow does t no justice, you would be right in going for blue or even blue with a little bit of pink in it.
    Reply:I like the choice you made and I think shades of blue on it will look great. Also, the shape of the tattoo will suit your shoulder as it has the flowers on two different levels. Out of ten i would rate it a 7 or 8.

    If you don't want to make a bad decision then maybe you could put it on as a temporary tattoo to see if it suits you before getting the real one. Hope everything turns out well.
    Reply:I give it a 6 because it is beautiful, but it's still flash. I made that mistake like someone else who answered and have had a few people come up to me with the same tat. Imagine there are a few thousand with that tat already, not original at all.
    Reply:Typical, unoriginal, not all that interesting looking...

    I give it a 3.

    I suppose I should also mention I am against using flash for tattoos. I made that mistake and I have had 4 people come up and tell me they have the same tattoo.
    Reply:It's all right. If you're not sure, you shouldn't be getting it. Tattoos should have some kind of significance so that when you look at it in 20 or 50 years you'll still appreciate it.
    Reply:id give it like a 9-10...i really like it..i think that its really cute. i hope that you decide to get it caus its a nice choice...u have really good taste in tattoos...i hope my opinion helps.

    Reply:7 - cute and not too sweet, some floral tats are a little too pretty for my taste, but that has a bit of an edge to it.
    Reply:hmm which one? Link goes to a list of a bunch of tattoos.

    -- Oh, found it :) Well its nice but a tattoo, at least I think should be really meaningful. The flower seems pretty general.
    Reply:4.5.. the flower is cute, I don't like the black on the sides of it though. It's too dark for the tattoo. It's ok.
    Reply:wow thats freaking awsome !!!!!!!! great choice
    Reply:6 or 7

    its cute
    Reply:7, its cute but I think there's other better ones
    Reply:8 its really cute.
    Reply:5 - i don't really like the style.
    Reply:its pretty cool looking
    Reply:I like it a lot!
    Reply:8 it's cute.
    Reply:Bout a 5....its ok